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    • Event triggering and deep learning for particle identification in KM3NeT 

      De Sio, Chiara (Universita degli studi di Salerno, 2018-04-11)
      Neutrino astronomy experiments like KM3NeT allow to survey the Universe leveraging the properties of neutrinos of being electrically neutral and weakly interacting particles, making them a suitable messenger. Observing ...
    • On Vector-Valued Schrodinger Operators in Lp-spaces 

      Maichine, Abdallah (Universita degli studi di Salerno, 2018-04-06)
      ... We construct a realization Ap of A in the spaces Lp(Rd;Cm), 1 p < 1, that generates a contractive strongly continuous semigroup. First, by using form methods, we obtain generation of holomorphic semigroups when the ...