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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2011Wandering through Guilt. Cain’s Archetype in the Twentieth-Century Novel (1940-1960)Di Gennaro, Paola; Laserra, Annamaria; Chialant, Maria Teresa
2018“I was a stranger and you welcomed me”. The Papal Magisterium and Human Mobility from Leo XIII to Paul VI (1878-1978)Ferrari, Francesco
9-May-2016Wastewater disinfection by AOPs: effect on antibiotic resistance and contaminants of emerging concernFerro, Giovanna; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Rizzo, Luigi; Fernandez Ibanez, Pilar
18-May-2010Wave action on shallow water and applications to coastal hazardMonaco, Marina; Napoli, Rodolfo Maria Alessandro; Pugliese Carratelli, Eugenio; Foti, Enrico; Dentale, Fabio
2008Weak consistent moving block bootstrap estimator for the variance of CLS estimators in a class of bilinear modelsGiordano, Francesco
2005Weak consistent moving block bootstrap estimator of sampling distribution of CLS estimators in a class of bilinear modelsGiordano, Francesco
2013Weird and Queer on tv: The Taming of the Shrew between William Shakespeare and Sally WainwrightDel Villano, Bianca
2016Welfare locale e innovazione sociale: una buona pratica dal terzo settoreGolino, Antonella
2007Well-posedness, a short surveyFerrentino, Rosa
2009What and How Do Poems Know? An Ancient Question Reconsidered in the Light of Gilbert Ryle’s Distinction between "Knowing That" and "Knowing How"Pfister, Manfred
2015What the young physician should know about May-Thurner syndromeNarese, Donatella; Bracale, Umberto Marcello; Vitale, Gaetano; Porcellini, Massimo; Midiri, Massimo; Bracale, Giancarlo
2014Who and where are the co-authors? The relationship between institutional and geographical distance in scientific publicationsD'Amore, Rosamaria; Iorio, Roberto; Stawinoga, Agnieszka
2008Winds of change and policies. The inequality - employment trade-off in the OECDDestefanis, Sergio Pietro; Mastromatteo, Giuseppe
2015Withdrawal of Papers-
2018Withholding and withdrawing in real lifePiazza, Ornella
2013Wittgenstein lettore di gialli il giudizio di Wittgenstein su «Rendez-vous with fear» di N. DavisPapaccio, Andrea
20-Apr-2012WLAN indoor positioning: a look at the environmentBruno, Luigi; Marcelli, Angelo; Restaino, Rocco; Robertson, Patrick
2017Women and Refugees in Twitter: Rethorics of Abuse, Vulnerability and Violence from a Gender PerspectiveGallego, Mar; Gualda, Estrella; Rebollo, Carolina
2016Work in progress, ovvero la poesia al bivio. la nuova raccolta di Bruno GalluccioPiscopo, Ugo
1918XXIV maggio 1918Renna, Arnaldo