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Title: Il De hebdomadibus di Severino Boezio. Introduzione e commento
Authors: Pastorino, Nazareno
D'Onofrio, Giulio
Bisogno, Armando
D'Onofrio, Giulio
Keywords: Bene
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2016
Publisher: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: This doctoral thesis deals with the De hebdomadibus by Severimus Boethius and it is composed by tree chapters: the first is a storeographical overview about the work and corcernes also with the matter about the authenticity of all the theological tractes. Moreover this chapter tries to explain the most important arguments in the Opuscula Sacra just to find the right placement of the Quomodo substantiae in the Boethius’ philosophical production. The second chapter deals with the nine rules posed the author just to show how they are important to achieve the solution proposed by Boethius. Moreover, in this section it’s shown the depth of some concepts like ‘esse’ and ‘id quod est’ and the fact that Boethius applies two differerent ways of thinking to them. The third chapter is about the will and freedom in God and how they are foundamental for Boethius to find the solution to the problem. It’s also shown that Boethius is able to find a mediation between aristotelic logic and Plato’s one and just for that the author succed in explaining how substances can be good in what they are without being the Good. [edited by Author]
Description: 2014 - 2015
Appears in Collections:Filosofia, scienze e cultura dell'età tardo-antica, medievale e umanistica

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