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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015What the young physician should know about May-Thurner syndromeNarese, Donatella; Bracale, Umberto Marcello; Vitale, Gaetano; Porcellini, Massimo; Midiri, Massimo; Bracale, Giancarlo
2016Use of the directional atherectomy for the treatment of femoro-popliteal lesions in patients with critical lower limb ischemiaBracale, Umberto Marcello; Vitale, Gaetano; Bajardi, Guido; Narese, Donatella; Dinoto, Ettore; Giribono, Anna Maria; Ferrara, Doriana; Del Guercio, Luca; Midiri, Massimo; Pecoraro, Felice
2020Acute deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: is the thromboaspiration device an appropriate choice?Setacci, Carlo; Benevento, Domenico; De Donato, Gianmarco; Galzerano, Giuseppe; Bracale, Umberto Marcello; Setacci, Francesco; Palasciano, Giancarlo
2019Standard carotid endarterectomy versus carotid artery stenting with closed-cell stent design and distal embolic protection: does the age matter?Peluso, Andrea; Turchino, Davide; Petrone, Alessio; Giribono, Anna Maria; Bracale, Renata; Del Guercio, Luca; Bracale, Umberto Marcello
2018Treatment of de novo femoro-popliteal lesions with a new Drug Coated Balloon: early experience of a single Center in the first 50 patientsBracale, Umberto Marcello; Di Filippo, Mathilde; De Capua, Antonio; Vanni, Linda; Narese, Donatella; Pecoraro, Felice; Giribono, Anna Maria; Bracale, Renata
2020Harmonic focus versus conventional electrocautery for femoral artery exposure: a "direct" comparison on the same patientsMaisto, Maria; Ferrante, Liborio; Giribono, Anna Maria; Sodo, Maurizio; Panagrosso, Marco; Peluso, Andrea; Del Guercio, Luca; Bracale, Umberto Marcello
2020. Double-microcatheter technique through tortuous anatomy for coil embolization of a saccular splenic aneurysm: a technical reportPanagrosso, Marco; De Gregorio, Claudia; Peluso, Antonio; Venetucci, Pietro; Buono, Giuseppe; Bracale, Umberto Marcello
2020Early results of mechanochemical ablation with Flebogrif® in great saphenous vein insufficiency: does polidocanol concentration affect outcome?Ammollo, Raffaele Pio; Petrone, Anna; Giribono, Anna Maria; Ferrante, Liborio; Del Guercio, Luca; Bracale, Umberto Marcello
2020Editorial: Health Technologies: a challenge to tackle in NETWORKIlario, Maddalena; De Luca, Vincenzo; Bracale, Umberto Marcello; Bracale, Giancarlo
2020Evidence on the need for an integrated approach to the management of diabetes: the surgical perspectiveSetacci, Carlo; De Donato, Gianmarco; Tadiello, Marco; Tozzi, Matteo; Bracale, Giancarlo; Del Guercio, Luca; Bracale, Umberto Marcello; Setacci, Francesco