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Title: La variazione diamesica in italiano L1 e L2: la costruzione della referenza
Authors: Rosi, Fabiana
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Roma : Carocci
Citation: Rosi, Fabiana, “La variazione diamesica in italiano L1 e L2: la costruzione della referenza.” «Testi e linguaggi» 13(2019): 149-164. [Studi monografici. Lingua, cultura, letteratura: percorsi di insegnamento e di apprendimento A cura di Flora de Giovanni, Rosario Pellegrino e Fabiana Rosi]
Abstract: The study investigates the variation between spoken and written narratives produced by Italian native speakers and learners of Italian L2. In native speakers’ texts, the variation among modalities emerges at textual, syntactical and lexical levels but insofar not much attention has been paid to verify if the variation among modalities occurs in interlanguage as well and whether it changes along interlanguage development. The current research focuses on the reference building strategy as descriptor of variation among modalities. Analysed texts are narratives produced by Erasmus students, with German or Spanish as L1, on three acquisitional phases: 2, 4, 6 months after their arrival in Italy. Learners’ data are compared with Italian native-speaking university students with the same age and instructional level of learners. Participants were asked to retell the same stimulus through a spoken and a written narrative, so as to specifically compare which lexical and textual resources informants employ to indicate the same referents in the two modalities.
ISBN: 978-88-430-9858-3
ISSN: 1974-2886
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