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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Robotic anesthesia - A vision for the future of anesthesiaHemmerling, Thomas M.; Taddei, Riccardo; Wehbe, Mohamad; Morse, Joshua; Cyr, Shantale; Zaouter, Cedrick
2011Non-immortalized human tenocyte cultures as a vehicle for understanding cellular aspects to tendinopathyYao, L.; Bestwick, Charles S.; Bestwick, L. A.; Aspden, Richard M.; Maffulli, Nicola
2011Tracheostomy in spinal cord injured patientsRomero-Ganuza, Javier; Oliviero, Antonio
2011Potential clinical role of telomere length in human glioblastomaLa Torre, Domenico; Aguennouz, Mhammed; Conti, Alfredo; Giusa, Maria; Raffa, G.; Abbritti, R. V.; Germanò, Antonino; Angileri, Filippo Flavio
2011Pre-and in-hospital non-invasive ventilationDe Robertis, Edoardo; Iannuzzi, Michele; Tufano, Rosalba; Piazza, Ornella
2011End of life in intensive care unitServillo, Giuseppe; Vargas, Maria
2011Optical tecnology developments in biomedicine: history, current and futureNioka, Shoko; Chen, Yu
2011Advanced applications of robotics in digestive surgeryPatriti, Alberto; Addeo, Pietro; Buchs, Nicolas; Casciola, Luciano; Morel, Philippe
2011Adrenergic mechanism in the control of endothelial functionSorriento, Daniela; Trimarco, Bruno; Iaccarino, Guido
2011Autoimmune liver disease: news and perspectivesMieli-Vergani, Giorgina; Vergani, Diego