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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adrenergic mechanism in the control of endothelial functionSorriento, Daniela; Trimarco, Bruno; Iaccarino, Guido
2012A polymorphism within the promoter of the dopamine receptor D1 (DRD1 -48A7G) associates with impaired kidney function in white hypertensive patientsCipolletta, Ersilia; Ciccarelli, Michele; Izzo, Raffaele; Finelli, Rosa; Trimarco, Bruno; Iaccarino, Guido
2014Redesigning Service Delivery for Hypertensive Patients: A Methodological Guideline to Improve the Management of Chronic DiseasesIppolito, Adelaide; Cannavacciuolo, Lorella; Ponsiglione, Cristina; De Luca, Nicola; Iaccarino, Guido; Illario, Maddalena
2015Models for preclinical studies in aging-related disorders: one is not for allSantulli, Gaetano; Borras, Consuelo; Bousquet, Jean; Calzà, Laura; Cano, Antonio; Illario, Maddalena; Franceschi, Claudio; Liotta, Giuseppe; Maggio, Marcello; Molloy, William D.; Montuori, Nunzia; O’Caoimh, Rónán; Orfila, Francesco; Rauter, Amelia P.; Santoro, Aurelia; Iaccarino, Guido
2015Proceedings of the eip on aha: a3 action group on frailtyIllario, Maddalena; Iaccarino, Guido; Piazza, Ornella; Menditto, Erica
2012To NFkB or not to NFkB: the dilemma on how to inhibit a cancer cell fate regulatorSorriento, Daniela; Illario, Maddalena; Finelli, Rosa; Iaccarino, Guido
2016Rays sting: the acute cellular effects of ionizing radiation exposureFranco, Antonietta; Ciccarelli, Michele; Sorriento, Daniela; Napolitano, Luigi; Fiordelisi, Antonella; Trimarco, Bruno; Durante, Marco; Iaccarino, Guido
2016Dual role of grk5 in cancer development and progressionGambardella, Jessica; Franco, Antonietta; Del Giudice, Carmine; Fiordelisi, Antonella; Cipolletta, Ersilia; Ciccarelli, Michele; Trimarco, Bruno; Iaccarino, Guido; Sorriento, Daniela
2016The european innovation partnership on active and healthy ageing synergies: protocol for a prospective observational study to measure the impact of a community-based program on prevention and mitigation of frailty (ICP –PMF) in community-dwelling older adultsLiotta, Giuseppe; Orfila, Francesc; Vollenbroek-Hutten, Miriam; Roller-Winsbergerm, Regina; Musian, Daniele; Alvino, Sam; O'Caoimh, Ronan; Cano, Antonio; Molloy, William; Iaccarino, Guido; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Inzerilli, Maria Chiara; Madaro, Olga; Paúl, Constança; Csonka, Peter; Menditto, Enrica; Maggio, Maria; Scarcella, Paola; Gilardi, Fabrizio; Lucaroni, Francesca; Abete, Pasquale; Girardi, Viviane; Barra, Rita; Palombi, Leonardo
2017Larger blood pressure reduction by fixed-dose compared to free dose combination therapy of ace inhibitor and calcium antagonist in hypertensive patientsVisco, Valeria; Finelli, Rosa; Pascale, Antonietta Valeria; Giannotti, Rocco; Fabbricatore, Davide; Ragosa, Nicola; Ciccarelli, Michele; Iaccarino, Guido