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Title: Radiografia del Myrmedon di Giovanni Pascoli
Authors: Guarino, Salvatore
Pinto, Carmine
Grazzini, Stefano
Keywords: Pascoli
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2018
Publisher: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: This dissertation aims to investigate the most relevant passages of Myrmedon, focusing on the analyse of a not well-known poem of Giovanni Pascoli. Moving from an overview of the theme of memory in Pascoli, linked with the motif of phylogenetic memory, the INTRODUCTION, in five chapters, reconstructs the theoretical assumptions and the artistic purposes of Myrmedon, and separates the interpretation of this poem from the exegesis of Pecudes and Canis (all this poems are part of the Ruralia). The most substantial source of Myrmedon is Virgil’s Georgics (4, 1-115; 149-280); this point has been analyzed in the fourth chapter. Finally, the introduction explains the poem’s greek title and the inscription. This section is followed by TESTO E TRADUZIONE, and then by six chapters dedicated to a close reading of the vv. 1-14 (6 PROTASI); 22-32 (7 I CARUSI SICILIANI); 33-40 (8 LA VISTA DELLE FORMICHE); 225-238 (9 SCHIAVE); 261-290, 65-75 and 223-224 (10 ANCORA SUL LESSICO DEL MYRMEDON); 301-312 (11 NOZZE). These chapters contain a specific introduction about the motives and peculiarities of the sections, and a wide commentary on: formal aspects, biographical notice, and psychological, theoretical, intertextual influences of the poem. The final chapter (ASPETTI STILISTICI E FIGURATIVI DEL MYRMEDON) analyzes some fragments of the poem clearly linked to impressionistic tendencies and to the fin de siècle decorativism (Myrm. 61-64 and 97-99). A particular attention has also been given to phonosymbolic phenomena and to the more expressive and frequent hexametric formulas. [edited by Author]
Description: 2016 - 2017
Appears in Collections:Studi letterari, linguistici e storici

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