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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2013New techniques of molecular modelling and structural chemistry for the development of bioactive compoundsLauro, Gianluigi; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Ciambelli, Paolo; Bifulco, Giuseppe
30-Jan-2013Stereoselective carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation mediated by bifunctional organocatalystsDe Fusco, Claudia; Guerra, Gaetano; Lattanzi, Alessandra; Spinella, Aldo; Bella, Marco
1-Feb-2013Congegni Supramolecolari basati sul Threading di CalixareniTalotta, Carmen; Guerra, Gaetano; Neri, Placido; Geraci, Corrada; Grassi, Alfonso
29-Jan-2014Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Cyclopeptoids and CyclopeptidesNardone, Brunello; Guerra, Gaetano; Izzo, Irene; Tedesco, Consiglia; Albericio, Fernando
10-Mar-2015Design and structural optimization of new molecules as potential antiinflammatory and/or anticancer agents.Strocchia, Maria; Sbardella, Gianluca; Bruno, Ines
11-May-2016New insights into peptoids' chemistry: synthesis, characterization and propertiesMeli, Alessandra; Guerra, Gaetano; De Riccardis, Francesco; Izzo, Irene
4-Apr-2016Structural studies, design, identification and biological evaluation of bioactive compounds settoreCantone, Vincenza; Sbardella, Gianluca; Bifulco, Giuseppe
16-Mar-2016Cavity Filling and Chirality Effects in Calixarene ThreadingConcilio, Gerardo; Guerra, Gaetano; Neri, Placido
11-Mar-2014New chemical topologies based on calixarene threadingCiao, Roberta; Guerra, Gaetano; Neri, Placido; Cohen, Yoram; De Riccardis, Francesco
2-Feb-2012Total synthesis of terpenoidic unsatured dialdehydes and evaluation of their activity towards TRP receptorsD'Acunto, Mariantonietta; Guerra, Gaetano; Spinella, Aldo