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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2012Fuzzy concept analysis for semantic knowledge extractionDe Maio, Carmen; Persiano, Giuseppe; Loia, Vincenzo; Fenza, Giuseppe
2-Apr-2013Sequence analysis in bioinformatics: methodological and practical aspectsFortino, Vittorio; Leone, Antonella; Tagliaferri, Roberto
27-Feb-2013Supporting learning activities in virtual worlds: methods, tools and evaluationMurad, Sharefa; Longobardi, Patrizia; Francese, Rita
18-Apr-2012Logit dynamics for strategic games mixing time and metastabilityFerraioli, Diodato; Persiano, Giuseppe; Auletta, Vincenzo
24-Apr-2014New methods, techniques and applications for sketch recognitionDe Rosa, Mattia; Persiano, Giuseppe; Castagliola, Gerardo; Fuccella, Vittorio
23-Apr-2014On the evolution of digital evidence: novel approaches for cyber investigationDe Maio, Giancarlo; Persiano, Giuseppe; Cattaneo, Giuseppe
6-May-2011Secure End-to-End Communications in Mobile NetworksPetagna, Fabio; Napoli, Margherita; De Santis, Alfredo
8-Mar-2018Fuzzy models for group decision making and applications to e-learning and recommender systemsCapuano, Nicola; Chiacchio, Pasquale; Loia, Vincenzo
22-Apr-2013Secure computation under network and physical attacksScafuro, Alessandra; Persiano, Giuseppe; Visconti, Ivan
16-Mar-2013Un metodo basato su LDA per la sentiment analysisRocca Comite Mascambruno, Paolo; Marcelli, Angelo; De Santo, Massimo