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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2013Fabrication of graphene based devices and study of their electrical and optical propertiesSantandrea, Salvatore; Persiano, Giuseppe; Di Bartolomeo, Antonio
29-Apr-2013Electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions in strongly correlated systemsSica, Gerardo; Scarpetta, Gaetano; Alexandrov, Alexander Sergeevitch; Avella, Adolfo; Mancini, Ferdinando; Samson, John
14-May-2013New techniques of molecular modelling and structural chemistry for the development of bioactive compoundsLauro, Gianluigi; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Ciambelli, Paolo; Bifulco, Giuseppe
14-Oct-2013A chemical-toxicological study of animal models exposed to organohalogen environmental contaminantsAmbrosio, Letizia; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Ciambelli, Paolo; Dal Piaz, Fabrizio
27-Feb-2013Supporting learning activities in virtual worlds: methods, tools and evaluationMurad, Sharefa; Longobardi, Patrizia; Francese, Rita
8-Apr-2013Modeling and optimization of aircraft departureMoccia, Vincenzo; Longobardi, Patrizia; D'Apice, Ciro
5-Apr-2013Gaussian and non-Gaussian resources in Quantum InformationNocerino, Gaetano; Longobardi, Patrizia; Illuminati, Fabrizio
3-Apr-2013Some group properties associated with two-variable wordsMeriano, Maurizio; Longobardi, Patrizia; Longobardi, Patrizia; Nicotera, Chiara
30-Jan-2013In silico study of protein-protein interactionsVangone, Anna; Guerra, Gaetano; Cavallo, Luigi; Sbardella, Gianluca; Sblattero, Daniele; Oliva Romina
23-Jan-2013Development of dosimeters with selective materials to high frequency radiationFunaro, Maria; Guerra, Gaetano; Ciambelli, Paolo; Proto, Antonio; Ciambelli, Paolo; Pelosi, Patrizia