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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Mar-2018Metathesis reactions catalyzed by ruthenium complexes for the self-healing of aeronautical materialsAgovino, Anna; Guerra, Gaetano; Longo, Pasquale; Guadagno, Liberata
28-Feb-2018New metal catalysts for the synthesis of polyolefins and bioderived polymersLapenta, Rosita; Guerra, Gaetano; Milione, Stefano; Grassi, Alfonso
2-Mar-2018Supramolecular Scaffolds for Biomimetic CatalysisLa Manna, Pellegrino; Guerra, Gaetano; De Rosa, Margherita; Neri, Placido; Soriente, Annunziata; Consoli, Maria Grazia Letizia
17-Apr-2018Development of an adaptive hierarchical multi-scale approach for the assessment, planning and prevention of the impact on anthropic and natural environments due to the exceeding of radon gas concentrations above threshold values and the corresponding risk associated to indoor radon exposuresMancini, Simona; Scarpa, Roberto; Guida, Michele; Vilnitis, Martins
5-Mar-2018Thin coatings of biomaterials for hard tissue applicationsCurcio, Mariangela; Guerra, Gaetano; De Bonis, Angela; Rau, Julietta V.; Teghil, Roberto
22-Feb-2018Development of new in vitro models based on the use of electrospun scaffolds and their imaging by multiphoton microscopy coupled with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopyPiccirillo, Germano Pasquale; Guerra, Gaetano; Bochicchio, Brigida; Pepe, Antonietta
8-Mar-2018Integrated techniques for remediation of dense chlorinated solvents polluted sitesIntiso, Adriano; Guerra, Gaetano; Castiglione, Stefano; Rossi, Federico; Proto, Antonio; Delgado García, José Jorge; Palomares, Antonio Eduardo
8-Mar-2018Innovative applications of stable carbon isotope ratio in environmental and food chemistryPironti, Concetta; Guerra, Gaetano; Proto, Antonio; Camin, Federica; Zanasi, Riccardo; Venditto, Vincenzo
22-Feb-2018Calixarene based catalytic systemsDe Simone, Nicola Alessandro; Guerra, Gaetano; Neri, Placido; Soriente, Annunziata; Kohnke, Franz Heinrich
11-Apr-2018Event triggering and deep learning for particle identification in KM3NeTDe Sio, Chiara; Scarpa, Roberto; Bozza, Cristiano