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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2014Analysis of DInSAR data in urban areas affected by subsidence or slow-moving landslidesArena, Livia; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Cascini, Leonardo; Ferlisi , Settimio; Peduto, Dario; Fornaro , Gianfranco
13-Jun-2014Genesis and mechanism of rainfall-induced hyperconcentrated flows in granular soilsDella Sala, Maria; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Cuomo, Sabatino
21-Apr-2015Gli effetti indotti sul costruito da frane a cinematica lentaViscardi, Antonientta; Napoli, Rodolfo Maria Alessandro; Cascini, Leonardo; Ferlisi, Settimio
15-Apr-2013A methodological approach for the analysis of shallow landslides in non-collapsible soilsCiurleo, Mariantonietta; Cascini, Leonardo; Cascini, Leonardo; Sorbino, Giuseppe; Di Nocera, Silvio; GullĂ , Giovanni
10-May-2016Performance analysis of landslide early warning systems at regional scalePiciullo, Luca; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Calvello, Michele
2-May-2018Propagation analysis of flow like-mass movements to evaluate the effectiveness of passive control worksRendina, Ilaria; Fraternali, Fernando; Cascini, Leonardo; Cuomo, Sabatino; Pastor, Manuel; Viccione, Giacomo
13-Jun-2014Quantifying the risk to life posed by hyperconcetrated flowsDe Chiara, Giovanna; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Cascini, Leonardo; Ferlisi, Settimio
2-May-2018The effects of roots on the hydro-mecanical behavior of unsaturated pyroclastic soilsCapobianco, Vittoria; Cascini, Leonardo; Cuomo, Sabatino; Foresta, Vito