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Titolo: Exercise as Prescription Therapy: Benefits in Cancer and Hypertensive Patients
Autore: Stefani, Laura
Maffulli, Nicola
Mascherini, Gabriele
Francini, Lorenzo
Petri, Cristian
Galanti, Giorgio
Parole chiave: Exercise therapy
Life style
Chronic disease
Body composition
Data: 2015
Citazione: Stefani L, Maffulli N, Mascherini G, Francini L, Petri C, Galanti G. Exercise as Prescription Therapy: Benefits in Cancer and Hypertensive Patients. Translational Medicine @ UniSa 2015, 11(7):39-43
Abstract: PURPOSE Exercise therapy in patients with metabolic chronic disease produces several positive response. This study aims to verify the effects of fast walking associated to a resistance exercise to reduce cardiovascular risk factor. METHODS: Two groups of subjects (10 cancer survivors and 19 hypertensive patients) were evaluated by 6-Minute Walking Test (6MWT), bioimpedance, , the Sit & Reach Test (S&R) evaluate the flexibility, Handgrip and 30’’ Chair Test for muscular strength. Patients were tested before and after 3 months of regular physical exercise. RESULTS: A significant change in anthropometric parameters was observed (BMI: T0 = 29.2±6.8, T3= 27.4±4.4 kg/m2 p<.001; waist circumference: T0=92.5±14.1, T3=92.1±12.8 cm, p<.05) in the hypertensive population. A predominant improvement of the cardiovascular parameters was observed in the cancer survivors (rest DBP T0=76.4±6.5, T3=72.2±7.1 mmhg p<.05; 6MWT: T0=487.8±116.0, T3= 525.6±117.3 m p<.05; S&R: T0= 0.4±7.4, T3=4.1±6.1 cm p<.05). CONCLUSION: A combined aerobic and resistance exercise programme can improve cardiovascular risk factors in hypertensive subjects. The same programme induces improvement in exercise tolerance and flexibility variables in cancer survivors.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10556/1649
ISSN: 2239-9747
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