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Title: Difficoltà in matematica: percorsi di autoformazione in e-learning
Authors: Pepkolaj, Leke
Longobardi, Patrizia
Albano, Giovannina
Keywords: Errori
E-learning platforms
Issue Date: 6-May-2015
Publisher: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: My PhD thesis enters the sphere of the studies which aims at the integration between the outcomes of the research on mathematical education and the outcomes of the research about e-learning. Particularly, the thesis inquires and discusses the potentialities of self assessment in e-learning modality through routs built from the analysis of errors that have been made. In this context, my question of research has been: “to identify a methodology for the building of learning paths, in self-education on e-learning platforms, to overcome difficulties in mathematics” For this reason, first of all I have identified a sphere of intervention and several connected parameters. I chose to treat the learning of linear algebra at first-year of scientific colleges, where mathematics is at the service of practical activities, such as engineering. This choice has been suggested as well by the real chance of having data available both in the starting phase of analysis as in phase of verification /validation. Among the potentialities of e-learning , I’ve chosen to give priority to the personalization of the learning, so the paths to build differ from each other according to the difficulties of any single student. At the same time, I wanted to offer large-scale versions of these paths: so, given the large number of students, I chose to ground such paths on «automatic» instruments findable in e-learning platforms, such as quizzes. ... [edited by Author]
Description: 2013 - 2014
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