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Title: Lo spazio di mediazione nella riqualificazione degli insediamenti di edilizia residenziale pubblica
Authors: Perna, Cecilia
Faella, Ciro
Vanacore, Roberto
Keywords: Edilizia residenziale pubblica
Spazio di mediazione
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2015
Publisher: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: In the last decade the Housing demand has become heterogeneous and transversal: from the socio-economic demand for job and housing, to the environmental one for energy supply and sustainability, up to the one for the implementation of efficient networks, such as transports, social capital, biodiversity and opportunities. In this framework, the question of Housing strongly plays again the important role it had already had in the postwar years so we can question about what could be the design of the residence nowadays (both in the field of the project for urban expansion and in the one for the requalification of existing real estate). Considering the role that public housing programs have played in the construction of European cities in the last century, and regarding both the inherited amount of "public city" and the current condition of inadequacy of the overall quality of housing, it seems advisable to focus on research materials that could help in a redevelopment able to solve the current demand. The research aims to focus on the relevance of the "space of mediation" within the process of rehabilitation of public housing, particularly paying attention to three questions. First of all, the historical and theoretical requirements that allow us to individuate the importance of this type of space; second there will be analyzed some of the most current approaches put in place in France (as they may be considered avant – garde pioneering in the rehabilitation processes) by using a methodology based on critical readings of public housing spaces for dichotomies (in | out, front | back, nature | built, private | common); finally this methodology that opposes to a "hierarchical" logic of space, a "polar" one, will be used to support the analysis phase as that of the project itself in a specific case-study in Naples. [edited by Author]
Description: 2011 - 2012
Appears in Collections:Ingegneria delle strutture e del recupero edilizio e urbano

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