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  • 1. A. Solazzo, V. D'Auria, L.G. Moccia, A. Vatrella, M. Bocchino, G. Rea. Posterior Mediastinal Extramedullary Hematopoiesis Secondary to Hypoxia. (1-4)
  • 2. G. Merolla, A. Tartarone, G. Porcellini. Clinical and Radiographic Mid-Term Outcomes after Total Shoulder Replacement: A Retrospective Study Protocol Including 400 Anatomical and Reverse Prosthetic Implants. (5-8)
  • 3. G. Liccardi, M. Triggiani, A. Piccolo, A. Salzillo, R. Parente, F. Manzi, A. Vatrella. Sensitization to Common and Uncommon Pets or Other Furry Animals: Which May be Common Mechanisms? (9-14)
  • 4. V. Nicolin, G. Baldini, D. De Iaco, R. Bortul, G. Turco, S.L. Nori. Looking for Calcium Phosphate Composite Suitable to Study Osteoclast Endocytosis: Preliminary Observations. (15-20)
  • 5. M. Arcopinto, A. Salzano, F. Ferrara, E. Bobbio, A.M. Marra, R. Abete, F. Stagnaro, R. Polizzi, F. Giallauria, M. Illari, E. Menditto, C. Vigorito, E. Bossone, A. Cittadini. The Tosca Registry: An Ongoing, Observational, Multicenter Registry for Chronic Heart Failure (21-27)
  • 6. J. Gambardella, A. Franco, C. Del Giudice, A. Fiordelisi, E. Cipolletta, M. Ciccarelli, B. Trimarco, G. Iaccarino, D. Sorriento. Dual Role of Grk5 in Cancer Development and Progression (28-37)
  • 7. J Parekh, D. Shepherd, D Hukins, N. Maffulli. Ergonomic T-Handle for Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments. (38-44)
  • 8. A. Franco, M. Ciccarelli, D. Sorriento, L. Napolitano, B. Trimarco, M. Durante, G. Iaccarino. Rays Sting: The Acute Cellular Effects of Ionizing Radiation Exposure. (45-56)
  • 9. G. Galasso, M. Mirra, G. De Luca, F. Piscione. Bivalirudin in Patients Undergoing Pci: State of Art and Future Perspectives. (57-66)
  • 10. G. Rea, F. Perna, G. Calabrese, A. Molino, T. Valente, A. Vatrella. Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia (Elp): When Radiologist Makes the Difference. (67-71)
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