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Titolo: Beyond the Disciplinary Borders : A New Challenge
Autore: D'Angelo, Giuseppe
Mangone, Emiliana
Parole chiave: Civilization
Social sciences
Data: 2016
Citazione: D’Angelo, G. & Mangone, E. (2016). Beyond the Disciplinary Borders : A New Challenge. Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK, 1(1), 3-9.
Abstract: Present society needs a new approach to knowledge, mainly required by the fast succession of the transformation of society and by the multidimensionality of the daily life problems. It is necessary, therefore, a more and more transdisciplinary perspective, able to connect the efforts of all social sciences and humanities. Moreover, it is essential an approach to history which may create a sort of circle between knowledge of the past and attention to the present world. These considerations are particularly important about the Mediterranean, which today is affected by dramatic shifts and problems of historical significance.
URI: http://www.mediterraneanknowledge.org/publications/index.php/journal/issue/archive
ISSN: 2499-930X
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