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Title: To Re-educate oneself to Citizenship within the Cultural Pluralism
Authors: Martini, Elvira
Vespasiano, Francesco
Keywords: Globalization
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Martini, E. & Vespasiano, F. (2016). To Re-educate oneself to Citizenship within the Cultural Pluralism. Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK, 1(1), 79-90.
Abstract: In a world dominated by pluralism and where ‘diversity is reality’, the extension of citizen-ship becomes a hot topic of the conflict of modernity, so much so that many have discussed the possibility of a primacy of human rights on the citizen rights (Walzer, 2014). This theme arouses reflection on the conditioning that the physical and social borders have on processes of identification. If, then, the current political situation is marked by fear, humiliation, hope (Moïsi, 2009), the question that arises is this: how is it possible to promote the value of otherness for every human face, recognized as identical and at the same time to pursue the defence of its boundary beyond which the difference arises? To answer may be useful to edu-cate oneself to a practice to emotions, “rediscovering the pervasiveness of different cultural processes […] and the power that these have to model individual interests expressed in so-cial actions” (Colafato, 1998, p. 10 – our translation).
ISSN: 2499-930X
Appears in Collections:Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Borders

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