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dc.contributor.authorVuolo, Laura-
dc.contributor.authorBarrea, Luigi-
dc.contributor.authorSavanelli, Maria Cristina-
dc.contributor.authorSavastano, Silvia-
dc.contributor.authorRubino, Manila-
dc.contributor.authorScarano, Elisabetta-
dc.contributor.authorSoprano, Maria-
dc.contributor.authorIllario, Maddalena-
dc.contributor.authorColao, Annamaria-
dc.contributor.authorDi Somma, Carolina-
dc.identifier.citationVuolo L, Barrea L, Savanelli M C, Savastano S, Rubino M, Scarano E, Soprano M, Illario M, Colao A, Di Somma C. Nutrition and osteoporosis: preliminary data of campania region of european personalised ict supported service for independent living and active ageing. Translational Medicine @ UniSa 2015, 13(3): 13-18it_IT
dc.description.abstractBackground: Bone impairment and malnutrition are associated with significant disability and mortality. PERSSILAA is an European project developing health services to detect and prevent frailty in older adults by addressing cognitive, physical and nutritional. Methods: Subjects underwent anthropometric measurements, calcaneal quantitative ultrasound (QUS) scan and PREDIMED (PREvención con DIetaMEDiterránea) questionnaire. Aim: To investigate the association between adherence to the Mediterranean Diet (MD) and bone health. Results: 87 subjects (4 males and 83 females) 70.1±4.9 aged, were examined. Mean Body Mass Index (BMI) was 28.7±4.7(kg/m2): in particular 28 subjects (32.2%) resulted obese, 42 (48.3%) overweight, and only 17 (19.5%) with normal weight. Mean T score was -1.2±1.2: in particular 13 subjects (14.9%) resulted osteoporotic; 43 (49.5%) osteopenic; and 31 (35.6%) with normal bone mineral density. Regarding adherence to MD, 9 subjects (10.3%) were poorly adherent; 41 (47.2%) average adherent; 37 (42.5%) highly adherent. T-score was associated with PREDIMED score and osteoporotic nsubjects presented the lowest PREDIMED score (5.8±2.2). Conclusions: These preliminary data show a significant correlation between the adherence to the MD and bone health parameters. The association between MD and bone health highlights the potential beneficial effects of nutritional interventions promoting a Mediterranean food pattern, as safe adjuvant treatment in ageing.it_IT
dc.format.extentP. 13-18it_IT
dc.sourceUniSa. Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneoit_IT
dc.subjectMediterranean dietit_IT
dc.titleNutrition and osteoporosis: preliminary data of campania region of european personalised ict supported service for independent living and active ageingit_IT
dc.typeJournal Articleit_IT
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