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Title: Structural studies, design, identification and biological evaluation of bioactive compounds settore
Authors: Cantone, Vincenza
Sbardella, Gianluca
Bifulco, Giuseppe
Keywords: Inflammation
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2016
Publisher: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: Computational methodologies in combination with experimental biological assay represent fundamental key tools in the drug discovery process. The study of ligand-macromolecule interactions has a crucial role for the design, the identification and the development of new chemical platforms as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents. In this project, different aspects of interaction and recognition processes between ligand and targets, and stereostructure assignment of natural compounds has been studied through different in silico approaches with the determination of their biological activities, which allow to corroborate the predicted results... [edited by author]
Description: 2014 - 2015
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