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Titolo: Il rapporto tra le arti in Pasquale De Luca: la parola dipinta
Autore: Pierno, Loredana
Martelli, Sebastiano
Salvatore, Donato
Parole chiave: Pasquale De Luca
Data: 14-feb-2017
Editore: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: If you want to assign a place to Pasquale De Luca in Italian Literature, first you must leave out all his Italian Literature production, so pleasant, from 1900 onwards. This is generally the judgement of the few, who have dealt with him. Different Opinions you may have about the participation of Pasquale De Luca to the Verismo Movement, a regionalist production that, without doubt, must be included in. When Pasquale De Luca moved to Milan, he had already given the best of himself. Later he will elaborate and improve the two most challenging novels AlleportedellaFelicità( At the door of Happiness)and Le Ambiziose (The ambitious women), written long before. It is worth remembering now just this Verismo production, unjustly forgotten, also framing De Luca in the short Neapolitan glimpse of the ‘80s, with his fervid personality and creative imagination. Everyone who worked with him and for him, loved and praised him. Lots of great critics and writers, not only Italian but also foreign ones, gave admired judgements of him. We can find the proof of esteem and affection towards Pasquale De Luca in the pages of A Pasquale De Luca nelsuo primo GiubileoLetterario,where colleagues and friends thought to manifest their affection and their regret at his departure from the direction of the journal Nature and Art, that he had brilliantly directed, spreading with it the culture and the good taste in Italian families to launch himself in the journalism with a new review which would have become his favourite creature. [edited by author]
Descrizione: 2013 - 2014
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10556/2494
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