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Titolo: Lo spazio di libertà, sicurezza e giustizia alla prova delle più evolute forme di cooperazione amministrativa
Autore: Carrea, Simone
Parole chiave: Administrative cooperation
Judicial protection
Territorial cooperation
Data: 2017
Citazione: Carrea, S. "Lo spazio di libertà, sicurezza e giustizia alla prova delle più evolute forme di cooperazione amministrativa". Freedom, Security & Justice: European Legal Studies 2 (2017): 73-101
Abstract: The most advanced forms of administrative cooperation established by EU law have marked the evolution from cooperation mechanisms having a merely auxiliary character for the activities of national authorities (such as for instance in the area of tax law) towards forms of actual cooperative exercise of the administrative functions. Such forms of cooperation require, however, the development of adequate means of judicial protection not only for the individuals concerned by the administrative cooperation but also for the administrations involved in it. In the light of the above, the present contribution aims at investigating (and assessing the adequacy of) the rules on jurisdiction provided for under Regulation EC 1082/2006, establishing the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC).
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ISSN: 2532-2079
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