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Titolo: I residenti provenienti da Paesi terzi: cittadini senza cittadinanza?
Autore: Triggiani, Ennio
Parole chiave: European Citizenship
Third-country nationals
Long term residents integration
Social and political rights
Italian legal system
Data: 2017
Citazione: Triggiani, E. "I residenti provenienti da Paesi terzi: cittadini senza cittadinanza?". Freedom, Security & Justice: European Legal Studies 2 (2017): 52-72
Abstract: The progressive increase in migration flows to the European Union affects the process of integration of non-EU nationals, which is currently at a very complex and sensitive stage. This essay points out that, despite the numerous official acts and documents adopted by the EU (in particular, the long-term residents Directive), there are critical issues mainly related to the fact that the relevant competence to implement such measures and policies remain in the Member States sovereignty. Considering differentiated responses of the Member States as inadequate, this essay suggests the priority goal of progressive equality between people who living in the same territory through the instrument of European citizenship and, in particular, of its autonomous regulation.
URI: http://www.fsjeurostudies.eu/files/FSJ.2017.II_Triggiani_4DEF.pdf
ISSN: 2532-2079
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