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Title: «Ad occhi chiusi». Lacan (non) legge Poe
Authors: Anglani, Bartolo
Keywords: Lacan, Poe;Conoscenza;Racconto;Knowledge;Narrative
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Anglani, B. "«Ad occhi chiusi». Lacan (non) legge Poe." Sinestesieonline. A. VII, n. 23 (2018) : 8-15
Abstract: This paper muses on the famous Séminaire sur «La lettre volée» held by Jacques Lacan on April 26, 1955, and published in the first volume of Écrits (1966). According to such an analysis, Lacan isolated this narrative from the context of Poe’s production and, above all, from the American writer’s reflection about the conditions and modalities of the intuitive knowledge a priori through a long list of devilish figures among which the detective Dupin is the most theoretically aware and refined one.
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