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Title: Traduzione intersemiotica e intercultura: Madame Bovary di Claude Chabrol
Authors: Vaccaro, Valeria Anna
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Roma : Carocci
Citation: Vaccaro, Valeria Anna, “Traduzione intersemiotica e intercultura: Madame Bovary di Claude Chabrol.” «Testi e linguaggi» 8(2014): 311-322. [Studi monografici. Traduzione per le aziende, il territorio, l’editoria: teoria, prassi, didattica, a cura di Sergio Lubello, Rosario Pellegrino e Valeria Anna Vaccaro]
Abstract: This study aims to highlight the translation process, not only as a linguistic reflection, but also intercultural and inter-semiotic. To draw on the concept of inter-semiotic translation by Roman Jakobson, according to the known classification between intra-lingual translation, inter-lingual and inter-semiotic enucleated in 1959 in his essay On Linguistic Aspects of Translation, in which the scholar points out that the meeting of different systems of signs also in field of the same linguistic system creates a mechanism of translation in all respects and that it recognizes the important role that translation plays in communication between cultures. The reworking of Claude Chabrol’s film of the literary text by Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary, offers a prime example of inter-semiotic translation. The cinema environment lends itself in particular to the coexistence of the language and its transposition of signs to give rise to inter-semiotic translation, through mechanisms in which depersonalized, or condensation intensifies the literary text. Intercultural dialogue plays a major role in the translation because it highlights the culture conveyed by the language. The baseline studies will be, among others, the contributions of Bruno Osimo, Gidéon Toury to the concepts of inter-semiotic and intercultural translation; for intercultural discourses, we will refer to Edgar Morin.
ISBN: 9788843075744
ISSN: 1974-2886
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