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Title: Della performatività Come il cognitive turn ha cambiato la prospettiva degli studi letterari
Authors: Tomasello, Dario
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Roma : Carocci
Citation: Tomasello, Dario, “Della performatività. Come il cognitive turn ha cambiato la prospettiva degli studi letterari.” «Testi e linguaggi» 9(2015): 57-65. [Studi monografici. Dimensioni del performativo, a cura di Flora de Giovanni e Lucia Perrone Capano]
Abstract: The yearning for performance does not lie so much in Austin’s speech acts, but rather in the performative peculiarity of our neurobiological perception. In this scenario, considering the dialogue between cognitive scientists and literary scholars, it can be assumed that narrativity could performatively represent a mediation between the simulation and the “theory of mind”. The narrativization of behaviour, backed by an explicit reference to the embodied mind and, implicitly, to Goffman’s, Schechner’s and Turner’s studies on the performance, determines increasingly pervasive attention to the ability to configure a plot, even in a phylogenetic perspective.
ISBN: 978-88-430-8039-7
ISSN: 1974-2886
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