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Title: Electromagnetic characterization and modeling of CNT-based composites for industrial applications
Authors: Spinelli, Giovanni
Marcelli, Angelo
Lamberti, Patrizia
Egiziano, Luigi
Keywords: Nanocomposites;Numeral modeling
Issue Date: 22-May-2012
Publisher: Universita degli studi di Salerno
Abstract: In several applications for the aeronautic, automative and electronic industries, there is an increasing demand of structural nanocomposites exhibiting remarkable thermal and mechanical properties and, at the same time, tailored and controlled electromagnetic (EM) performances. The interest and the scientific importance of the topic is justified by the fact that the conventional materials do not have the suitable properties to satisfy the specific requirements for modern applications. Instead, two or more distinct materials may be combined to form a material which possesses superior properties, with respect to those of individual components. Thus the individuation and preparation of advanced composites with best features respect to the traditional materials is currently required in several industrial sectors. Since CNTs can be exploited with varying structural and physical properties, geometry and functionality, that result in a different dispersion and adhesion with the polymer matrix, the possible range of composite material properties can be very large... [edited by author]
Description: 2010 - 2011
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