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Title: René Guénon lettore di Dante: devianza o apporto?
Authors: Pizzimento, Paolo
Keywords: Dante;Guénon;Eco;Esoterismo;Ermeneutica
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Avellino : Associazione culturale Internazionale Sinestesie
Citation: Pizzimento, Paolo. "René Guénon lettore di Dante: devianza o apporto?." Sinestesieonline, A. 7, no. 24 (Ottobre 2018): 66-75
Abstract: Alongside the academic tradition of Dante’s studies, there have been, especially from the late Romantic period, proposals for an “esoteric” interpretation of the Commedia. René Guénon, with L’ésotérisme de Dante, takes part in the early ’900 debate: it is useful to reconsider its suggestions from a methodological point of view, and to compare them with the other esoteric interpretations of Dante and the state-of-the-art of Dante’s studies of his time.
ISSN: 2280-6849
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