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Title: Il diario quotidiano di un attore: i taccuini di Ruggero Ruggeri
Authors: Pieri, Marzia
Keywords: Repertorio;Grande attore;Autobiografia;Pirandello;D’Annunzio;Repertoire;Great actor;Autobiography
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Avellino : Associazione culturale Internazionale Sinestesie
Citation: Pieri, Marzia, "ll diario quotidiano di un attore: i taccuini di Ruggero Ruggeri." Sinestesieonline, A. 8, no. 26 (Maggio 2019) : 25-29
Abstract: The long career of Ruggero Ruggeri started in the late Naturalism and finished at the beginning of the 1950s without knowing crisis or setbacks. During this period the old Italian theatre was replaced by a new role acquired by the direction, but this revolution seemed not to touch the world-famous actor, always devoted to his role of artistic director and to the 1800s century tradition and to the more commercial French theatre. Ruggeri interpreted autonomously his characters, included his hobbyhorses, the Aligi of D’Annunzio and the Enrico IV of Pirandello, and embodied, according to Silvio d’Amico, the last example of the Great Italian Actor. His notebooks (1888-1953) documented meticulously his everyday work and represented an important document still unexplored.
ISSN: 2280-6849
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