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Title: Challenges of Migration in Context of Cosmopolitan Citizenship
Authors: Avila Hernández, Flor María
Keywords: Cosmopolitan citizenship
Modern migrations
Emerging human rights
Venezuelan refugees
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Avila Hernández, M.F. (2018). Challenges of Migration in Context of Cosmopolitan Citizenship. Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK, 3(2), 107-121. DOI: 10.26409/2018JMK3.2.01
Abstract: This article analyzes the different challenges of citizenship and rights in front of the new forms of flow migrations, especially in the Mediterranean and the case of Venezuelan migrants. The new conception of globalization and Soveranity redefines the relations between the State and individuals, whether national or foreign, and must be the basis for rethinking the new issues of citizenship, of migrants and of dialogue between cultures, which must be addressed from the so-called "ethics" of hospitality "and based on the principles of interculturality, the good universality of human rights and substantive and cosmopolitan citizenship. In the expansion of the universal quantifier of human rights, at the time of the nomination of constitutional states of law, there are limitations on the universalist conception, whose archetypal point is based on the thesis of ontological monism. By virtue of this the correspondence between rights, guarantees and benefits were anchored in the course of the forms of government and State in the idea of homogeneity that appeared with the apogee of the nation - states, giving rise to the figure of the monism of the state. Venezuelan forced migration in the Latin America area points out the crisis of the theory of National state and forced to a new concept of citizenship.Starting from this case study, several other aspects of migrations and, more in general, of emerging human rights are addressed in this issue of the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge.
ISSN: 2499-930X
Appears in Collections:Vol 3, No 2 (2018): Emerging Human Rights

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