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Title: Art as a Trigger for Reflection in Sociolinguistic Migration Research
Authors: Ahlgren, Katrin
Keywords: Sociolinguistics
Arts-Based Methods
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Ahlgren, K. (2019). Art as a Trigger for Reflection in Sociolinguistic Migration Research. Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK, 4(2), 203-222. DOI: 10.26409/2019JMK4.2.13
Abstract: Research methods that are inspired by the arts have recently become subject to increasing attention for language researchers working in migration contexts. There are various studies that show how arts-based methods can be used in socially-engaged research in order to better understand language practices and ideologies. Drawing on a longitudinal study of lived experience of language use in Sweden, the present article demonstrates how language portraits and poetic transcriptions have the potential to generate alternative narratives and creative forms of representation. Moreover, the article illustrates how participatory action research can prompt migrants to reflect on their experiences and emotions together with others in the creation of drama performances. These kind of visual-, textual-, and performative representations have a connotative force that invites the receiver to emotionally engage with the migrants. Such representations can thus function as a trigger for reflection and enable people to react to un-equal sociolinguistic orders.
ISSN: 2499-930X
Appears in Collections:Vol 4, No 2 (2019): Artistic Strategies of Migration: Art as a Resistance or as a Reinsurance?

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