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Title: FLE e didattica dell'errore
Authors: Vaccaro, Valeria Anna
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Roma : Carocci
Citation: Vaccaro, Valeria Anna, “Pour une didactisation collaborative des emballages de produits alimentaires.” «Testi e linguaggi» 13(2019): 60-70. [Studi monografici. Lingua, cultura, letteratura: percorsi di insegnamento e di apprendimento A cura di Flora de Giovanni, Rosario Pellegrino e Fabiana Rosi]
Abstract: This study consists of an investigation of some linguistic recurrences in the intermediate stages of FLE classroom learning, in the studies of the Français Langue Étrangère. The corpus consists of a free-speech production in the second language on which an error analysis is intended to highlight a strong resistance to the “langue source” on the learning pathway written production in “langue cible”. The starting point is to consider “interlanguage” as a variety of language learning. In the alternation due to mother tongue resistance on the learning language and the standardization of the latter in the language learning process, account is taken in particular of individual variability. This study aims however to make an “error analysis”, a sort of recording in order to trace the linguistic features of the language that sometimes represent a filter and an obstacle in the learning path phases as well, in order to complete the acquisition of FLE.
ISBN: 978-88-430-89-260
ISSN: 1974-2886
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