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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2014Experimental and numerical characterization of heating domestic appliances for energetic efficiency improvementMauro, Antongiulio; Sergi, Vincenzo; Aprea, Ciro; Maiorino, Angelo
21-Mar-2014Molecular pathways involved in metabolic control of CCL5 in adipocytesPassaretti, Federica; Bifulco, Maurizio; Formisano, Pietro
13-Jun-2014Genesis and mechanism of rainfall-induced hyperconcentrated flows in granular soilsDella Sala, Maria; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Cuomo, Sabatino
13-Jun-2014Quantifying the risk to life posed by hyperconcetrated flowsDe Chiara, Giovanna; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Cascini, Leonardo; Ferlisi, Settimio
27-Jun-2014Innovative catalysts for process intensification of methane reforming and propane dehydrogenation reactionsRicca, Antonio; Ciambelli, Paolo; Palma, Vincenzo; Ciambelli, Paolo; Iaquaniello, Gaetano
10-Jun-2014Randomized Network of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Thin Film Transistor: Fabrication, Simulation and Application as BiosensorMousavi, Sayed Alireza; Milano, Giuseppe; Roccatano, Danilo; Tucci, Vincenzo; Wagner, Veit; Lamberti, Patrizia; Fritz, Jürgen
4-Apr-2014Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for the on-board diagnosis of PEMFC via on-line identification of Equivalent Circuit Model parametersPetrone, Raffaele; Sergi, Vincenzo; Pianese, Cesare; Sorrentino, Marco; Hissel, Daniel; Péra, Marie-Cécile
5-May-2014Soluzioni innovative per il recupero di materia dal ciclo dei rifiutiFarina, Anna; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Napoli, Rodolfo M. A.; Belgiorno, Vincenzo
28-Apr-2014Flexible Barrier Materials for Improving the Durability of Photovoltaic DevicesRossi, Gabriella; Ciambelli, Paolo; Incarnato, Loredana; Scarfato, Paola
28-Feb-2014Detecting and indexing moving objects for Behavior Analysis by Video and Audio InterpretationSaggese, Alessia; Marcelli, Angelo; Jurie, Frédéric; Vento, Mario; Brun, Luc