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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Apr-2016High thermal conductivity catalysts for the CO-WGS process intensificationPisano, Domenico; Ciambelli, Paolo; Palma, Vincenzo; Groppi, Gianpiero; Tronconi, Enrico
27-Jun-2016Proposte metodologiche per la progettazione e gestione del patrimonio edilizio mediante strumenti ICTBarbato, Davide; Faella, Ciro; Messina, Barbara
31-Mar-2016Test and development of a solar-hybrid vehicle prototype and turbo-compressor model for automotive enginesNaddeo, Massimo; Sergi, Vincenzo; Rizzo, Gianfranco
4-May-2016Innovative algorithms and data structures for signal treatment applied to ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 smart transducersAbate, Francesco; Longo, Maurizio; Paciello, Vincenzo
30-Mar-2016Optimal tuning of control variables in CR Diesel engines via Multi-Zone modelling of combustion and emissions with experimental testingDi Leo, Rocco; Sergi, Vincenzo; Arsie, Ivan
10-May-2016Performance analysis of landslide early warning systems at regional scalePiciullo, Luca; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Calvello, Michele
18-May-2016Diffraction by dielectric wedges: high frequency and time domain solutionsFrongillo, Marcello; Longo, Maurizio; Riccio, Giovanni
6-May-2016Electric Mobility: Smart Transportation in Smart CitiesGraber, Giuseppe; Longo, Maurizio; Galdi, Vincenzo; Mancarella, Pierluigi
22-Jun-2016Innovative GFRP sections shape and proportions in civil engineering structuresLamberti, Marco; Faella, Ciro; Ascione, Francesco; Feo, Luciano
11-May-2016Advanced MBR processes for wastewater treatment and energy productionBorea, Laura; Belgiorno, Vincenzo; Naddeo, Vincenzo; Belgiorno, Vincenzo