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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-May-2018Volte e cupole in muratura: un approccio basato sull’equilibrioDe Chiara, Elena; Fraternali, Ferdinando; Angelillo, Maurizio
21-Mar-2018Simultaneous production of H2 and sulphur by catalytic oxidative decomposition of H2SBarba, Daniela; Reverchon, Ernesto; Palma, Vincenzo
2-May-2018Propagation analysis of flow like-mass movements to evaluate the effectiveness of passive control worksRendina, Ilaria; Fraternali, Fernando; Cascini, Leonardo; Cuomo, Sabatino; Pastor, Manuel; Viccione, Giacomo
29-May-2018Optimal seismic retrofitting of existing RC frames through soft-computing approachesFalcone, Roberto; Fraternali, Ferdinando; Martinelli, Enzo; Cerulli, Raffaele; Faella, Ciro
5-Mar-2018Real-time face analysis for gender recognition on video sequencesGreco, Antonio; Chiacchio, Pasquale; Vento, Mario
3-Mar-2018Round and computational efficiency of two-party protocolsCiampi, Michele; Chiacchio, Pasquale; Persiano, Giuseppe
25-May-2018Enhancing Data Warehouse management through semi-automatic data integration and complex graph generationCiobanu, Madalina Georgeta; Scarpa, Roberto; Tortora, Genny
20-Mar-2018Tribological characterization and in-silico wear assessment of lower limb joint prosthesisMerola, Massimiliano; Reverchon, Ernesto; Ruggiero, Alessandro; Hloch, Sergej; Bruschi, Stefania
1-Jun-2018Development and optimization of Electrochemical Affinity Biosensors for the control of food safetyMalvano, Francesca; Reverchon, Ernesto; Albanese, Donatella; Pilloton, Roberto; Di Matteo, Marisa
27-Mar-2018Sustainable managment of stormwater in a changing environment under Mediterranean climate conditionsMobilia, Mirka; Fraternali, Fernando; Longobardi, Antonia