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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Apr-2015Organic semiconductor material and device characterization by low-frequency noise and admittance spectroscopy of polymer: fullerene solar cells and silicon/organic thin film heterodiodesLandi, Giovanni; Longo, Maurizio; Neitzert, Heinrich C.; Fahrner, Wolfgang R.
18-May-2016Degradation of OLEDs devices: study methods and solutionsSantoro, Elena; Longo, Maurizio; Rubino, Alfredo; Maglione, Maria Grazia; Sico, Giuliano
6-May-2011A study on the role of dielectric and its interface in the performances of Organic Thin-Film TransistorMiscioscia, Riccardo; Marcelli, Angelo; Rubino, Alfredo; Minarini, Carla
18-May-2011Characterization, modeling and simulation of 4H-SiC power diodesFreda Albanese, Loredana; Marcelli, Angelo; Bellone, Salvatore
19-Mar-2013Text retrieval and categorization through a weighted word pairs approachGreco, Luca; Marcelli, Angelo; De Santo, Massimo
15-Apr-2011Probabilistic Lightweight Ontology per l'estrazione e rappresentazione della SemanticaClarizia, Fabio; Marcelli, Angelo; De Santo, Massimo
20-Mar-2013Analysis and design of 4H-SiC bipolar mode field effect power (BMFET)Di Benedetto, Luigi; Marcelli, Angelo; Bellone, Salvatore
15-Mar-2013Carbon nanotube based networks, bio-nano-composites and sensorsDi Giacomo, Raffaele; Marcelli, Angelo; Neitzert, Heinrich Christoph
20-Mar-2014A Study on Defects in Organic Semiconductors for Field Effect TransistorsLiguori, Rosalba; Marcelli, Angelo; Rubino, Alfredo
14-Jul-2017OLED devices optimization for lighting applicationAprano, Salvatore; Reverchon, Ernesto; Rubino, Alfredo; Maglione, Maria Grazia; Pezzella, Alessandro; Barra, Mario