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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Apr-2015Photovoltaic Systems ReconfigurationCarotenuto, Pietro Luigi; Longo, Maurizio; Spagnuolo, Giovanni
24-Oct-2017Control issues in photovoltaic power convertersDe Cristofaro, Massimiliano; Longo, Maurizio; Femia, Nicola; Petrone, Giovanni
7-Aug-2017Methods and algorithms for power devices losses behavioral modelingMigliaro, Mario; De Santis, Alfredo; Femia, Nicola
17-May-2011Modelling and performance analysis of a neurostimulation systemElia, Simona; Marcelli, Angelo; Tucci, Vincenzo; Lamberti, Patrizia
9-May-2011Stability of Peak-Current-Controlled fourth order StepUp/Down DC/DC convertersCantillo, Andrea; Marcelli, Angelo; Femia, Nicola
15-Mar-2013Sliding mode control of DC/DC switching converters for photovoltaic applicationsMamarelis, Emilio; Marcelli, Angelo; Spagnuolo Giovanni; Petrone, Giovanni
22-May-2012Electromagnetic characterization and modeling of CNT-based composites for industrial applicationsSpinelli, Giovanni; Marcelli, Angelo; Lamberti, Patrizia; Egiziano, Luigi
19-Mar-2013Models and methods for the design of isolated power converters in high-frequency high-efficiency applicationsDi Capua, Giulia; Marcelli, Angelo; Femia, Nicola
10-Jun-2014Randomized Network of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Thin Film Transistor: Fabrication, Simulation and Application as BiosensorMousavi, Sayed Alireza; Milano, Giuseppe; Roccatano, Danilo; Tucci, Vincenzo; Wagner, Veit; Lamberti, Patrizia; Fritz, Jürgen
24-Jul-2015FPGA-based implementation of real-time identification procedures for adaptive control in photovoltaic applicationsRicco, Mattia; Laurent, Dominique; Longo, Maurizio; Monmasson, Eric; Spagnuolo, Giovanni