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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2012Continuous supercritical emulsion extraction: process characterization and optimization of operative conditions to produce biopolymer microspheresFalco, Nunzia; Ciambelli, Paolo; Reverchon, Ernesto
14-Jun-2012Dispersion of inorganic fillers in polymeric matrices for food packaging applicationsBugatti, Valeria; Ciambelli, Paolo; Vittoria, Vittoria
13-Jun-2012Transport properties of modified concrete by surface and bulk hydrophobization via nano-clay additionFariello, Maria Letizia; Ciambelli, Paolo; Di Maio, Luciano; Incarnato, Loredana
19-Jun-2012Nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds for food applicationsSessa, Mariarenata; Ciambelli, Paolo; Ferrari, Giovanna
16-Jun-2012Advanced polymeric composites for self-healing structural materialsCorvino, Raffaele; Ciambelli, Paolo; Guadagno, Liberata
18-Jun-2012The effect of temperature on flow properties of powdersTomasetta, Igino; Ciambelli, Paolo; Poletto, Massimo; Barletta, Diego
27-Jun-2014Innovative catalysts for process intensification of methane reforming and propane dehydrogenation reactionsRicca, Antonio; Ciambelli, Paolo; Palma, Vincenzo; Ciambelli, Paolo; Iaquaniello, Gaetano
4-Apr-2011Intelligent monitoring of the injection moulding processVietri, Umberto; Ciambelli, Paolo; Pantani, Roberto
28-Apr-2014Flexible Barrier Materials for Improving the Durability of Photovoltaic DevicesRossi, Gabriella; Ciambelli, Paolo; Incarnato, Loredana; Scarfato, Paola
27-Apr-2016High thermal conductivity catalysts for the CO-WGS process intensificationPisano, Domenico; Ciambelli, Paolo; Palma, Vincenzo; Groppi, Gianpiero; Tronconi, Enrico