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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Oct-2017Control issues in photovoltaic power convertersDe Cristofaro, Massimiliano; Longo, Maurizio; Femia, Nicola; Petrone, Giovanni
12-Jun-2017Ancillary services in Smart Grids to support distribution networks in the integration of renewable energy resourcesLamberti, Francesco; Longo, Maurizio; Galdi, Vincenzo; Gross, George; Ochoa, Luis Fernando; Pilo, Fabrizio
25-Jul-2017Rilevamento e conteggio automatico di persone da telecamera in posizione zenitaleDel Pizzo, Luca; De Santis, Alfredo; Percannella, Gennaro
16-Dec-2016Vehicular Traffic on Networks: Comparison among Solutions Modeling Vertex FlowGuarino, Giuseppe; Alfredo De Santis; Ciro D’Apice; Rosanna Manzo
27-Jul-2017A Data-Flow Middleware Platform for Real-Time Video AnalysisDi Lascio, Rosario; De Santis, Alfredo; Mario Vento
26-Jun-2017Fuzzy transforms: further investigations for practical applicationTomasiello, Stefania; De Santis, Alfredo; Loia, Vincenzo
23-Jun-2017Scalable computational scienceSpagnuolo, Carmine; De Santis, Alfredo; Scarano, Vittorio; Cordasco, Gennaro
23-Jun-2017Multi-view learning and data integration for omics dataSerra, Angela; De Santis, Alfredo; Tagliaferri, Roberto; Greco, Dario
23-Jun-2017About the development of visual search algorithms and their hardware implementationsPuglia, Luca; De Sanctis, Alfredo; Raiconi, Giancarlo; Vigliar, Mario
4-May-2016Innovative algorithms and data structures for signal treatment applied to ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 smart transducersAbate, Francesco; Longo, Maurizio; Paciello, Vincenzo
15-May-2016An approach to task coordination for hyperflexible robotic workcellsGerbasio, Diego; Longo, Maurizio; Chiacchio, Pasquale
6-May-2016Electric Mobility: Smart Transportation in Smart CitiesGraber, Giuseppe; Longo, Maurizio; Galdi, Vincenzo; Mancarella, Pierluigi
18-May-2016Degradation of OLEDs devices: study methods and solutionsSantoro, Elena; Longo, Maurizio; Rubino, Alfredo; Maglione, Maria Grazia; Sico, Giuliano
18-May-2016A neurocomputational model of reaching movementsParziale, Antonio; Longo, Maurizio; Marcelli, Angelo
18-May-2016Diffraction by dielectric wedges: high frequency and time domain solutionsFrongillo, Marcello; Longo, Maurizio; Riccio, Giovanni
22-Apr-2015Photovoltaic Systems ReconfigurationCarotenuto, Pietro Luigi; Longo, Maurizio; Spagnuolo, Giovanni
21-Apr-2015Organic semiconductor material and device characterization by low-frequency noise and admittance spectroscopy of polymer: fullerene solar cells and silicon/organic thin film heterodiodesLandi, Giovanni; Longo, Maurizio; Neitzert, Heinrich C.; Fahrner, Wolfgang R.
24-Jul-2015FPGA-based implementation of real-time identification procedures for adaptive control in photovoltaic applicationsRicco, Mattia; Laurent, Dominique; Longo, Maurizio; Monmasson, Eric; Spagnuolo, Giovanni
3-Mar-2014Multispectral and hyperspectral pansharpeningVivone, Gemine; Marcelli, Angelo; Restaino, Rocco
26-Mar-2013Integrazione delle Fonti Rinnovabili nelle SMART-GRIDMassa, Giovanni; Marcelli, Angelo; Piccolo, Antonio; Galdi, Vincenzo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45