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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Feb-2011Le potenzialità dell’e-learning nell’apprendimento della matematicaMaresca, Giuseppe; Albano, Giovannina
13-Mar-2015Chiral organocatalysts mediated asymmetric oxyfunctionalization and tandem reactionMeninno, Sara; Guerra, Gaetano; Lattanzi, Alessandra; Zanasi, Riccardo; Arista, Luca
13-May-2015On the topological complexity of the density sets of the real lineCarotenuto, Gemma; Longobardi, Patrizia; Gerla, Giangiacomo; Andretta, Alessandro
14-May-2013New techniques of molecular modelling and structural chemistry for the development of bioactive compoundsLauro, Gianluigi; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Ciambelli, Paolo; Bifulco, Giuseppe
5-Mar-2018Thin coatings of biomaterials for hard tissue applicationsCurcio, Mariangela; Guerra, Gaetano; De Bonis, Angela; Rau, Julietta V.; Teghil, Roberto
29-Jan-2014Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Cyclopeptoids and CyclopeptidesNardone, Brunello; Guerra, Gaetano; Izzo, Irene; Tedesco, Consiglia; Albericio, Fernando
14-Jul-2017Accurate mesurements of spectroscopic line parameters of atmospheric relevant moleculesOdintcova, Tatiana; Pace, Sandro; Gianfrani, Livio
27-Apr-2015Teamwork collaboration around simulation data in an industrial contextPirozzi, Donato; Persiano, Giuseppe; Scarano, Vittorio
3-Apr-2013Some group properties associated with two-variable wordsMeriano, Maurizio; Longobardi, Patrizia; Longobardi, Patrizia; Nicotera, Chiara
8-Mar-2018Innovative applications of stable carbon isotope ratio in environmental and food chemistryPironti, Concetta; Guerra, Gaetano; Proto, Antonio; Camin, Federica; Zanasi, Riccardo; Venditto, Vincenzo