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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2012Trasporto quantistico di spin in eterostrutture magneticheSorgente, Alessandro; Grella, Giuseppe; Citro, Roberta
11-Apr-2012Simulation and optimization of crowd dynamics using a multiscale modelSorrentino, Luigi; Longobardi, Patrizia; D'Apice, Ciro; Manzo, Rosanna
26-Mar-2012Synthesis and properties of linear and cyclic peptoidsDe Cola, Chiara; Guerra, Gaetano; De Riccardis, Francesco; Izzo, Irene
13-May-2011Magnetic orbital and transport properties in LaMnO3 based based heterostructuresGaldi, Alice; Grella, Giuseppe; Costabile, Giovanni; Mechin, Laurence
3-Apr-2012From GeoVisualization to visual-analytics: methodologies and techniques for human-information discourseDe Chiara, Davide; Persiano, Giuseppe; Sebillo, Monica
21-Feb-2011Redox proteins for the development of biosensorsDe Martino, Franco; Guerra, Gaetano; Pellecchia, Claudio
24-Feb-2011Enzymatic synthesis of macrolactonesFortunati, Tancredi; Guerra, Gaetano; Spinella, Aldo
16-Feb-2012New catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of cyclic estersD'Auria, Ilaria; Guerra, Gaetano; Pellecchia, Claudio; Mazzeo, Mina
19-Mar-2011Multi-biclustering solutions for classification and prediction problemsNosova, Ekaterina; Longobardi, Patrizia; Paternoster, Beatrice
6-May-2011On the verification of parametric and real-time systemsDi Giampaolo, Barbara; Napoli, Margherita; Napoli, Margherita