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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2016Interface effects in superconducting heterostructuresCatapano, Marilena; Noce, Canio; Citro, Roberta
25-May-2017Measurement of Λc Baryon production in the decay channel Λc → pK0 S in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions with ALICE detector at LHCMennino, Elisa; Sandro Pace; De Pasquale, Salvatore
13-Apr-2016Josephson junctions, quantum interference devices and applications in the field of dark matter searchGiordano, Alessandro; Noce, Canio; De Luca, Roberto
30-May-2012Magneto-transport properties of thin superconducting strips in the framework of Time Dependent Ginzburg Landau modelSabatino, Paolo; Grella, Giuseppe; Carapella, Giovanni