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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2011Redox proteins for the development of biosensorsDe Martino, Franco; Guerra, Gaetano; Pellecchia, Claudio
16-Feb-2012New catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of cyclic estersD'Auria, Ilaria; Guerra, Gaetano; Pellecchia, Claudio; Mazzeo, Mina
21-Feb-2011Synthesis,characterization and catalytic activity of organometallic complexes of group 3 and 4 with N-heterocyclic carbene ligandsBocchino, Carmen; Guerra, Gaetano; Longo, Pasquale
16-Feb-2012Materiali ibridi e nanostrutturati derivati da copolimeri multiblocco polistirene-polibutadiene: sintesi e applicazioniBuonerba, Antonio; Guerra, Gaetano; Grassi, Alfonso; Daniel, Christophe
23-Jan-2013Development of dosimeters with selective materials to high frequency radiationFunaro, Maria; Guerra, Gaetano; Ciambelli, Paolo; Proto, Antonio; Ciambelli, Paolo; Pelosi, Patrizia
22-Apr-2013Molecular dynamics investigations of drug-cell membrane interactionsCampana, Federica; Ciambelli, Paolo; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Piotto Piotto, Stefano
6-Mar-2014Olefin Metathesis Reactions Promoted by Ru-Catalysts with a Syn Substituted N-heterocyclic Carbene BackbonePerfetto, Alessandra; Guerra, Gaetano; Longo, Pasquale; Spinella, Aldo; Scalone, Michelangelo; Paolucci, Gino; Grisi, Fabia
16-Mar-2016Sustainable catalysis by polymer supported gold nanoparticlesNoschese, Annarita; Guerra, Gaetano; Grassi, Alfonso; Lopez-Sanchez, Jose A
15-Mar-2016Fluorescence-based sensors for the detection of biologically and environmentally relevant moleculesMirra, Silvia; Guerra, Gaetano; Pellecchia, Claudio; Mazzeo, Mina; Canters, Gerard
5-Mar-2018Metathesis reactions catalyzed by ruthenium complexes for the self-healing of aeronautical materialsAgovino, Anna; Guerra, Gaetano; Longo, Pasquale; Guadagno, Liberata