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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2012From GeoVisualization to visual-analytics: methodologies and techniques for human-information discourseDe Chiara, Davide; Persiano, Giuseppe; Sebillo, Monica
6-May-2011On the verification of parametric and real-time systemsDi Giampaolo, Barbara; Napoli, Margherita; Napoli, Margherita
9-May-2011Predicate encryption systems. No query left unansweredIovino, Vincenzo; Napoli, Margherita; Persiano, Giuseppe
1-Mar-2011Discovering hidden structures in highMurino, Loredana; Napoli, Margherita; Tagliaferri, Roberto
23-Nov-2011Forensic analysis for digital imagesCembalo, Maurizio; Napoli, Margherita; De Santis, Alfredo
22-Mar-2012Fuzzy concept analysis for semantic knowledge extractionDe Maio, Carmen; Persiano, Giuseppe; Loia, Vincenzo; Fenza, Giuseppe
18-Feb-2011Automatic discovery of drug mode of action and drug repositioning from gene expression dataIorio, Francesco; Napoli, Margherita; Raiconi, Giancarlo; Di Bernardo, Diego
18-Apr-2012Logit dynamics for strategic games mixing time and metastabilityFerraioli, Diodato; Persiano, Giuseppe; Auletta, Vincenzo
29-Apr-2011Efficient distributed load balancing for parallel algorithmsCosenza, Biagio; Napoli, Margherita; Scarano, Vittorio
3-Mar-2012Network anaomaly detection based on the observation of multi-scale traffic dynamicsPalmieri, Francesco; Persiano, Giuseppe; De Santis, Alfredo