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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2018Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new small-molecule modulators of proein lysine methyltransferases (PKMTs)Rescigno, Donatella; Sbardella, Gianluca; Castellano, Sabrina
5-Apr-2018Drug delivery to the lung in Cystic Fibrosis: deposition, dissolution, mucus interaction and microbiological evaluation of dry powder inhalersManniello, Michele Dario; Sbardella, Gianluca; Russo, Paola
5-May-2018PGI products of Campania region: chemical and biological investigation of edible parts and by-products as potential sources of functional ingredients for herbal, nutraceutical and cosmetic formulations.Cerulli, Antonietta; Sbardella, Gianluca; Piacente, Sonia
5-Apr-2018Molecular basis of cardiomiopathyPecoraro, Michela; Sbardella, Gianluca; Popolo, Ada; Pinto, Aldo
13-Apr-2018Computational design of new antimicrobial peptidesParisi, Rosaura; Sbardella, Gianluca; Piotto, Stefano
28-Mar-2018Design and synthesis of bioactive small molecules by traditional and innovative methodsCiaglia, Tania; Sbardella, Gianluca; Campiglia, Pietro
5-Apr-2018Chemical and biological study of natural substances active on the central nervous systemCaputo, Lucia; Sbardella, Gianluca; De Feo, Vincenzo
5-Apr-2018Role of CD73 - A2A/A2B receptors axis in cancerSorrentino, Claudia; Sbardella, Gianluca; Morello, Silvana
5-Apr-2018Design, synthesis and biological activity of new target selective antitumoral agentsRusso, Alessandra; Sbardella, Gianluca; Bruno, Ines
28-Feb-2018Unraveling biomarkers in Parkinson’s disease: the role of Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and DAT imagingPicillo, Marina; Rubino, Corrado; Pellecchia, Maria Teresa