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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2018PGI products of Campania region: chemical and biological investigation of edible parts and by-products as potential sources of functional ingredients for herbal, nutraceutical and cosmetic formulations.Cerulli, Antonietta; Sbardella, Gianluca; Piacente, Sonia
23-Feb-2011Progettazione, sintesi e valutazione dell'attività biologica di nuovi carbazoliMarrelli, Mariangela; Leone, Antonietta; Statti, Giancarlo Antonio; Michel, Sylvie
21-Mar-2012Study of bio-molecar interaction: a) Mapping of the interaction between STAT1 and flavonoids; b) Role of PDIA6-BiP complex in the regulation of the unfolded protein responseEletto, Daniela; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Pizza, Cosimo
27-Jan-2011Studio di metaboliti secondari provenienti da specie vegetali che agiscono sul SNCBracci, Antonio; Leone, Antonietta; De Feo, Vincenzo
14-Jan-2013Chimica e attività biologica di specie del genere HypericumMarandino, Aurelio; Leone, Antonietta; De Feo, Vincenzo
13-Apr-2016Integrated metabolomics approaches for berry fruit used in nutraceutical formulationsD'Urso, Gilda; Sbardella, Gianluca; Montoro, Paola
5-Apr-2018Chemical and biological study of natural substances active on the central nervous systemCaputo, Lucia; Sbardella, Gianluca; De Feo, Vincenzo
24-Mar-2017Techniques of proteomic analysis as tools for studies in biomedical fieldEsposito, Andrea; Sbardella, Gianluca; De Tommasi, Tina; Dal Piaz, Fabrizio
23-Feb-2012Exploring the chemical diversity in marine organisms: new molecules for pharmaceutical applicationsNuzzo, Genoveffa; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Gavagnin, Margherita
16-Apr-2019Target-based study to identify new bioactive diterpenesFiengo, Lorenzo; Sbardella, Gianluca; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Dal Piaz, Fabrizio