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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Mar-2017Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery in Early Morning Pathologies: Design and Production of new NSAIDs/SAIDs polysaccharide-based systemsCerciello, Andrea; Sbardella, Gianluca; Russo, Paola
5-Apr-2018Drug delivery to the lung in Cystic Fibrosis: deposition, dissolution, mucus interaction and microbiological evaluation of dry powder inhalersManniello, Michele Dario; Sbardella, Gianluca; Russo, Paola
16-Mar-2016New Encapsulation Technologies for The Development of in Situ Gelling Micro- Nano Particulate Systems for The Wound HealingDe Cicco, Felicetta; Sbardella, Gianluca; Del Gaudio, Pasquale
18-Mar-2015Novel respirable powder formulation: design, aerosolization and permeation studies through pulmonary epithelial cell line and mucus models.Stigliani, Mariateresa; Sbardella, Gianluca; Russo, Paola
6-Jun-2013Proteomic profiles of cultured cells stimulated with VEGFs dimers and search for natural compounds angiogenesis inhibitorsPesca, Mariasabina; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Dal Piaz, Fabrizio; De Falco, Sandro
6-May-2016Study of the mechanism of action of bioactive plants tarpenoidsVasaturo, Michele; Sbardella, Gianluca; Dal Piaz, Fabrizio
7-Mar-2012Design and characterization of DPI (dry powder inhaler) for the pulmonary delivery of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs in the treatment of cystic fibrosis diseaseProta, Lucia; De Tommasi, Nunziatina; Aquino, Rita Patrizia
12-Apr-2019Development of technological approaches based on supercritical fluids for the production of polymeric micro-nano particulate systems for wound healingRodriguez Dorado, Rosalia; Sbardella, Gianluca; Del Gaudio, Pasquale