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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Apr-2013Study of the hadronic current in the neutrino interactions of the OPERA experimentStellacci, Simona Maria; Persiano, Giuseppe; Bozza, Cristiano
22-Apr-2013Secure computation under network and physical attacksScafuro, Alessandra; Persiano, Giuseppe; Visconti, Ivan
7-May-2015“Rumour has it…”. La comunicazione informale nel sistema economico: dal buzz marketing all’aggiotaggioD'Antonio, Tommaso; Laudanna, Alessandro; D’Agostino, Emilio
24-Apr-2015Social web e generazioni: identità, relazione e comunicazione tra online e offlineNapoli, Antonella; Laudanna, Alessandro; Salzano, Diana
29-Apr-2013Hybrid approaches based on computational intelligence and semantic web for distributed situation and context awarenessFurno, Domenico; Persiano, Giuseppe; Loia, Vincenzo
13-May-2013Fabrication of graphene based devices and study of their electrical and optical propertiesSantandrea, Salvatore; Persiano, Giuseppe; Di Bartolomeo, Antonio
24-Apr-2015Multi-word unit processing in machine translation. Developing and using language resources for multi-word unit processing in machine translationMonti, Johanna; Laudanna, Alessandro; Elia, Annibale
16-Apr-2013On the Generalizations of Identity-Based EncryptionDe Caro, Angelo; Persiano, Giuseppe; Blundo, Carlo
20-Apr-2013Steganographic methods for information hiding in MS-Office filesBonaventura, D'Alessio; Persiano, Giuseppe; De Santis, Alfredo
24-Apr-2013Memetic algorithms for ontology alignmentVitiello, Autilia; Persiano, Giuseppe; Loia, Vincenzo; Acampora, Giovanni