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    • An interregional, transdisciplinary and good practice-based approach for frailty: the mind&gait project 

      Apóstolo, Joao; Couto, Filipa; Bobrowicz-Campos, Elzbieta; Dixe, Maria A.; Ribeiro, Jaime; Braúna, Monica; Camacho, Timoteo; Santos-Rocha, Rita; Parreira, Pedro; Cruz, Armenio; Malça, Cândida; Dantas, Carina; Jegundo, Ana Luisa; Marcelino, Luis; Simões, Mara; Almeida, Maria (2019)
      Social facilities such residential structures and day-centres increasingly seek integrated, structured, adapted, creative, dynamic and economic strategies to prevent frailty. The arising need of an aged and frail ...